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[HP] 5 points from your face

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04. 12.

Directed by Richard Loncraine
Cast and Characters
Kirsten Dunst ... Lizzie Bradbury
Paul Bettany ... Peter Colt
James McAvoy ... Carl Colt
Sam Neill ... Dennis Bradbury

Peter Colt (Paul Bettany) is an unlucky guy, scoring "love" both professionally and personally. Seeded near the bottom of the world tennis ranks, he manages to score a wild card, allowing him to play in the prestigious Wimbledon tournament. There, he meets and falls in love with American tennis star Lizzie Bradbury (Kirsten Dunst). Fueled by a mixture of his newfound luck, love and on-court prowess, Peter works his way up the ranks of the tournament players and actually stands a chance of fulfilling his lifelong dream of winning the men's singles title--if his luck can just hold out.

RATING: 5 buckets
REVIEW: I adore this movie. It's such a non-pretencious romantic comedy, with a wonderful cast and funny situations. I like tennis a lot, so having the story set around the most important championship in the world, it's quite fun. Paul Bettany is one of those actors who can pull anything off, and usually improves very crappy films, and this is not the exception. He's adorable and subtle, especially when you get to know his crazy family. I'm not a big fan of Kirsten Dunst, but I don't mind her in this one. Wimbledon is one of those movies I can watch again and again, and still enjoy.

RATING: 3 Buckets
REVIEW: Generally, I'm not very interested in sports movies, but occasionally one will come along that transcends the sport part of the movie. This one did just that... maybe because it didn't really focus that much on facts. But I don't know that much about tennis anyway so that didn't sway me. Wimbledon is cute, I enjoyed the movie a lot more than I anticipated. Originally I was drawn to the film because of Paul Bettany, who is his own subtly sexy self in it, but the story and Kirsten Dunst really won me over and brought some smiles to my face. The addition of a great supporting cast, such as James McAvoy and Jon Favreau, certainly moved things along as well. Overall I would say this was a charming romantic comedy that's perfect viewing for a lazy afternoon at home on the couch.

- The lead role was originally intended for Hugh Grant.
- At one point, Reese Witherspoon was supposed to play the female lead.
- Scenes for the film were filmed during the Wimbledon tournament 2003. The actors would walk out on court at the beginning or end of a match as though they were really competing. The officials and spectators were actual tennis officials and spectators, rather than extras. It is the only time in the history of the tournament that this has been allowed.
- Getting the actors to play professional-looking tennis proved much more difficult than anticipated. Eventually, it was decided to film them performing the strokes and digitally add the ball afterwards.
- The scenes showing the public queuing up outside Wimbledon were in fact shot outside London's Zoo, simply because it looks more interesting.


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