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[HP] 5 points from your face

mellafe in passthepopcorn


Hello, friends! Just a quick note to let you know that

1. As you may have noticed, we'll be reviewing every-other-week from now on. This is because of work/study and so that we don't burn out as fast as we have in the past. Having the extra week to work will have an effect in the quality of the reviews and the goodies, I'm sure. So, no, we're not neglecting the community, we're just giving ourselves more time to do the job right.

2. I updated the reviewed movies list, so now you can go there and see how many things we made for each one. Handy, eh?

That's all. I hope you liked the last post, where we reviewed The Fountain. We'll be back next week with another movie, a comedy. If you have any questions, comments, etc., just leave a comment for us here and we'll get back to you. Comments are screened.

The passthepopcorn team.