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Pass the Popcorn

Movie Reviews with Goodies

Pass the Popcorn - Movie Reviews with Goodies!
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Welcome to passthepopcorn, the place where you can find movie reviews with goodies. That's what we offer, that's what you get. Plus, the chance of leaving your own review in the comments... you might even find fans of that strange movie you thought you only loved and cherish.

The community here at LJ, worked as a mirror for the website (now closed) created in 2004 by mellafe and rumpledblanket. The idea is basically the same: one movie a week, each gets up to 5 buckets of popcorn (1 meaning it sucks, 5 meaning we love it) and a certain amount of icons and/or wallpapers for you.

Who are we? Well...

Starting in August 2008, the maintainers had to ask for a little help from our friends. So now we have a staff of reviewers that will be helping us up keeping the community alive.

mellafe - creator & reviewer
rumpledblanket - creator & maintainer
cloverdilly - reviewer
zombres - reviewer
mouseykins1 - reviewer
rhymeswithpork - reviewer
soulquare - reviewer

You still get movie reviews. The only change is that we're adding new movies to our schedule so, from time to time, we won't have art for you to see. We have a line up of great movies coming up, so we hope you stay tuned.

CAPS: cap_it, photobox
BRUSHES: teh_indy & miggy
LAYOUT: Stylesheet by refuted